About this Site

The vast majority of film criticism today focuses on aesthetics, so much so that the mere suggestion that any Hollywood film might have something sophisticated to say is often treated with suspicion and doubt. But while film is an aesthetic experience, there are still screenwriters and directors and producers who make film an intellectual experience too. And one of the rarest pleasures to be found is surely the joy that comes with seeing a movie again – through the mind – and only realising then why its creator choose this particular turn of phrase, or why the plot necessarily unfolds in one direction rather than another.

It is with this goal in mind — sharing thoughts on movies where I’ve had this experience — that I’ve penned the essays on this site. Not all of the films are necessarily masterpieces, but all are worth watching and I would argue that a few (particularly Inception and Pan’s Labyrinth) count as among the best films ever made. What unites them is all gain depth and texture and emotional resonance when watched and rewatched as political or moral drama.

Either way, like them or hate them, the essays on this site are all labours of love for films that deserve them. There are many others I’m hoping to write on over time, and if you would like to encourage more pieces or have feedback or thoughts on any particular piece, please write anytime: david@filmreadings.com. If you enjoy the essays and want to contribute to server upkeep or just buy me a beer, donations are always welcome via bitcoin as well.